Welcome to our Marching Band!


This page is your go-to source for all things marching band...it will get updated regularly throughout the summer and fall.

General information concerning summer practices, band camp, our fall schedule, etc. is available here.

CLICK HERE for specific information regarding BAND CAMP next week.

Student insurance is required by Pinellas County Schools, whether you have other insurance or not. This must be purchased on-line; CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE. Once you have purchasd it, you will get a confirmation email from the insurance company; simply forward that email to Mr. Benoit. Enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year starts on July 1. If you cannot make an online purchase, the student can bring Mr. Benoit $5.00 and he will purchase it for you. (student needs to be present)

The other forms you need are the MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT, the HEALTH FORM, and a completed FHSAA PHYSICAL FORM.

For the PHYSICAL, you can go to your family doctor (just take the form and make sure he fills out and signs as appropriate). Many times there are FREE physicals offered over the summer...if we find out about any we'll post that info here.

Some other things of interest:

Equipment Order Form

Items will be added here throughout the season!