Friday Homecoming Game Details

This Friday, October 20 is our Homecoming Football Game v. Northeast High

Since it is Homecoming, our dress-up is by class colors:  Freshmen wear white, Sophomores Blue, Juniors Gold, and Seniors Plaid (or black is ok, too, but plaid is the traditional thing).

There is a pep rally 7th period.  All marching band members should report to the band room at 12:25 pm to get instruments and prepare; we will go down to the gym prior to the start of 7th period so we are in there and ready.  Have all music (including the Alma Mater).

For the game itself:

Call Time:  5:00 pm

Warm-up begins: 5:30 pm

March-In: 6:15 pm

Packer Pride Parade: 6:30 pm

Kick-off: 7:30 pm

Halftime: We will do background music for the Introduction of the Homecoming Court

Seniors ONLY will be allowed to go up in the main stands during the 3rd quarter break

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