Concert Wear Information

All members are responsible for providing concert wear; see the handout at the bottom of this post for full details.

Link for the Ladies dress:  Chloe, Item 143

Link for the Men’s tuxedo outfit:  Hugh, Item 3002

Veterans – TRY YOUR STUFF ON – if it still fits, there’s no need to get anything new!  We keep the same look from year to year, and it is standard concert wear that will also be appropriate for many other groups you may be involved with now or in the future, such as Youth Symphony, college & university ensembles, etc.

As long as what you have is an equivalent look, you can use items that you already have or purchase things from anywhere you like.  If you have something you think might be appropriate but you are not sure, bring it in and Mr. Benoit will let you know.

You are MORE than welcome to order from the company we use; you can use the links just below.  If you are not able to do this or get the items any other way, you are welcome to print and the form at the bottom of this post and send it in with the appropriate funds by Nov. 15 and we will do an order.

And of course…if you absolutely cannot afford it, we do have a limited supply of loaner items that we can check out to you to use.  Please let Mr. Benoit know BEFORE Thanksgiving break if this is a need for you.

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