Football Playoffs News

Congratulations to Coach Pascal and all the members of the football team on Largo High’s first playoff win since 2009!  That means we still have another game, of course…

This page will get updated any time there is more information; here’s what we know right now:

  1. The team has their next playoff game THIS Friday, Nov. 17 vs. Naples High School; the game is at Naples High.
  2. There is ONE CHARTER BUS reserved for the Band AND the Cheerleaders combined.  This means we probably will not be able to take everyone, but we will take as many as we can.  Since it’s a charter, there will be space under the bus for instruments (we won’t need a truck).
  3. There will be a total of 41 seats available for us on the bus.  That means besides Mr. Benoit and the 3 chaperones we have room to take 37 members.
  4. The bus list is posted below.  It shows riders, a stand-by list, and those who indicated they could not go.  IF YOU ARE LISTED AS A RIDER AND CANNOT GO, LET MR. BENOIT KNOW RIGHT AWAY SO SOMEONE ON THE STAND-BY LIST CAN HAVE THAT SEAT!!!!!!
  5. If you are on the Stand-by list, you may still get to go.  Even if you don’t hear any different, feel free to show up on Friday; if someone is missing when it is time to leave, you’ll get their seat.
  6. We DO need chaperones…only 3 adults in addition to Mr. Benoit…we want as many band members as possible to be able to go!  WE STILL NEED 1 MORE CHAPERONE!! Please CLICK HERE to sign up
  7. If any adults wish to drive down separately, you certainly can.  They were not able to get enough riders for the fan bus.
  8. We will wear uniforms, but we will be a pep band and perform in the stands only, no show at halftime.  Our job is to cheer the team on.
  9. Be ready to load equipment at 2:30 pm on Friday (it might be a little later than that, but our plan is to be on the road at 3:00 pm.  The team is leaving at noon.  It’s a little less than 3 hours down to Naples.)  We’ll expect to get back around maybe 1:00 am.
  10. If the team loses on Friday, they are done with their season.  If they win, we will have another playoff game on Friday, November 24 (yes, the day after Thanksgiving!).  Whether that is at home or away depends on who our opponent is – the higher seeded team is always the home team. You can click here to see the entire class 6A playoff bracket for the state.  So bottom line – on Nov. 24, we might have another playoff game on the road to play North Fort Myers, we might have a game at home vs. Fort Myers, or we might have no game at all.


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