Martin Luther King, Jr. March

Vets, this is pretty much the same as always…

New Members – this is a LOT like the Christmas Parade, only we have to take a bus there. (And we wear the shakos and we don’t use Christmas decorations).

We DO need chaperones for this event; PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit our sign-up page.

MONDAY, January 15:

7:45 am Band Room Open

8:30 am Load Truck & Bus

We will warm-up and run the sequence up at the parade site.  We start at the North Greenwood Rec Center and march to Coachman Park.  After we get dropped off, the bus & truck will leave and go to Coachman Park so that they will be there to pick us up at the end of the parade.

10:00 am Parade Steps off (or there about…they tend to be little loose with the step off time at this event)

Since this is technically a MARCH rather than a PARADE…there won’t be a lot of people along the route.  Most of them will be marching along with us (we generally are pretty much leading a whole big group of people).  There will be SOME watchers along the way, but that’s not the main emphasis for this event.

Once we arrive at Coachman Park, it is possible that they will want us to stay for a bit and do the National Anthem.  Please be prepared for this.  Some years they ask, some years they don’t…we always oblige if they ask.  It currently looks like we WILL be doing the anthem together with the Countryside HS band as a joint performance.

Either way, we should be back at school and completely done by 12:00 noon.

IMAGE color guard will have rehearsal that afternoon; if any percussion ensemble members would like to practice and/or get extra help that afternoon Mr. Benoit will be happy to stay a while for that purpose.

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